What is Xamarin?

Why we need Xamarin ?

Development Approaches

Silo’d Approach

Build application multiple times

  • Multiple teams
  • Multiple code bases
  • Different toolsets

  • Write Once, Run Anywhere Approach

    Build application multiple times

  • Lowest common denominator
  • Browser fragmentation
  • Developing & designing for 1 platform, happen to get other platforms

  • Xamarin Unique Approach

  • Native User Interface
  • Native Performance
  • Shared code across platforms
  • C# & .NET Framework
  • Full API Coverage
  • Native Performance Approach

    Our Expertise

    • BlueChip is having a strong expertise for developing enterprise application using Xamarin Technology
    • Backed up with a strong technical team to deliver the solution of any nature
    • In house design team to give a better UX for the mobile solution
    • Experience on integration with legacy system for data integration

    App Developed


    Cofee is a mobile solution which was developed using Xamarin helps the users to record a Feedback or Comments for his Juniors or Peers in a enterprise, this log helps the Manager to assess his/her team member at the time of PMS.


    Humanet is mobile solution is ESS application helps the employees to do basis transaction like Leave Apply, Mark Attendance and approval on the go.

    Why Blue Chip ?

    30+ years in the IT industry, serving US customer since 1995

    380+ ERP site implementation across products SAP,LN, Syteline, MFG/PRO, Oracle

    2000 Man years of custom development, Experts in Microsoft Full stack development

    110 HR software roll out

    Bluechip Computer Consultants Pvt Ltd is a sub set of Blue Chip Computer Consultants Pvt. Ltd , Founded in 1983. Blue Chip Computer Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in the areas of business consultancy and product development. Blue Chip is currently serving around 75 corporations worldwide and helping them to leverage benefit through Information technology. Blue Chip has rich domain knowledge in functional areas like Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, and CRM.

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