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C++ can be applied in

Enterprise Software

C++ truly gives a dominant advantage in creating powerful enterprise applications that run at incredible speeds. From the creation of device drivers to coding advanced applications used in aerospace, simulators, analyzers and much more,. The software coded in C++ is also portable which allows the same code to be executed in multiple platforms.


C++ powers modern robots and drones as it enables the programmer to give instructions to the microcontroller devices. It can be programmed in various actuators, sensors, and electronic devices which can be made to perform efficiently. These embedded projects which use this programming language can be very powerful because it gives complete control over memory management. Thus the devices utilize optimal memory making it efficient and blazing fast.

Game Development

Since C++ is blazing fast, it makes it suitable for the creation of games and game engines. Various popular games such as Temple Run and Pokemon Go are based on C++. The Augmented Reality applications can be developed with Unity, a software built on C++ which is used in game development. Whether you’re developing 2D, 3D, AR/VR games, C++ gives you the full potential to unleash your creative genius in the form of the game.


Compilers make the interpreted code readable by machines. Since the machines only understand binary language, i.e., 0s and 1s, we need a compiler to make the human-readable code to machine code. C++ is a great programming language to create compilers. The compilers such as Apple, Bloodshed Dev, Clang, Cygwin (GNU), Digital Mars, Mentor Graphics, MINGW - "Minimalist GNU for Windows, DJ Delorie, GNU CC source, IBM, Intel, Microsoft Visual and Oracle are all based on C++ language.

Web Browsers

What do you love in a web browser? Of course it’s the speed. Web browsers can’t compromise speed hence C++ is generally the preferred language to be used for coding web browsers. Think of a web browser. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and brave browser all use C++ in their backend. Using cache to retrieve frequent static web pages to make user experience great can be achieved with C++ since it allows memory management.

Operating Systems

Managing computer resources efficiently is the key ingredient of operating systems. The specifications of your computer tells you how well your computer can perform calculations. Managing the storage, processors and memory effectively is the key. C++ is an exact fit in the world of operating systems. The powerful triangle, Microsoft Windows, Android, and OSX all uses this ubiquitous programming language to power their operating system. Writing 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems in C++ with preemptive multiprocessing gives you more power to your OS.

GUI Applications

The power of keeping the user hooked to our application relies heavily on User Interface and User Experience. If you make it easy to access things in your application, you can make him stick to it. C++ has numerous libraries to create GUI based application and one of which is QT. It supports cross-platform GUI app development which gives you the potential to make truly awesome User Interfaces which gives great experience across platforms.

Database Software

C++ and C have been the most popular and powerful in terms of database software development. Almost all of the database software today uses C++. Oracle database, MongoDB, MariaDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2 all were built using the language, which powers the web.

Artificial Intelligence

The world of Artificial Narrow Intelligence is growing at speeds which we can’t even imagine. The complex AI problems can be solved with C++ because of its extensive list of libraries. The most popular Machine learning frameworks Tensorflow and Pytorch were built using C++ as its backend because of its speed and reliability. There’s no doubt that the AI is taking over industry by industry, it’s wise to choose C++ for your next big AI project.


  • C++ offers dynamic memory allocation and combines the features of both low-level and high-level programming languages.
  • C++ can be found everywhere, from desktop applications to compilers to games to GUI development. It is a general-purpose programming language.
  • It has a wide variety of libraries with huge community support. It is one of the most used programming languages in GitHub and StackOverflow.
  • Generally, applications developed with C++ are portable. The apps are compatible with multiple platforms with support for multiple devices
  • The multi-paradigm language allows code readability which makes the code maintainable.

Our Expertise

Bluechip have helped organizations build better enterprise grade systems. The domain expertise we have in C++ comes handy when working on solving complex problems. With years of understanding business requirements and providing custom solutions, we truly make something which gives you a competitive advantage. We care deeply about the client relations so that we provide exceptional support spanning for a very long time.

C++ is an object-oriented programming language which is also a procedural, functional and multi-paradigm language. No matter what device you’re using, it may be using C++. It is being used in the development of the operating system, game development, GUI, database software, web browsers, compilers and much more. Utilizing less memory and with faster execution speeds, there’s no other programming language which makes solving problems easier, efficient and effective.

Key Takeaway

The C++ world is too large and with the information available online, C++ compilers make the most out of any software development.

Bluechip has the expertise in using C++ in non-destructive testing which is going to save a ton of money and also helps eliminate catastrophic situations especially in industries like aerospace, automotive and power generation, with the quickest way possible. In cases such as drinking water analysis and mining, the complex process involving analyzers and detectors are programmed in C++ for efficiency and accuracy.

In healthcare, we programmed the vital signs monitor in C++ which captures all the vital data from patients and shares it securely with the doctors remotely. We’ve handled projects which require the integration of NVR/DVR with IP camera.

So, we have domain expertise in developing C++ applications in healthcare, automation, embedded systems, IP camera integration, VOIP / Telecom, File Operations, Graph Plotting, Static tools for analysis and much more. The aforementioned expertise shows our commitment to enterprise application development in C++ which makes us one of the leaders in this space.

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