"Genuine Feedback, Forward looking PM, Continuous Improvement"


CoFee PM (Performance Management) provides a solution within the existing cycles of Performance management. CoFee provides a framework for manager and employees to continuously share genuine feedback, while being flexible and tailored to different corporate styles, its a shared accountability model and that is the huge shift forward. CoFee has been built on our decade long experience, study of current trend and pain points

Why CoFee?

We cannot get away with performance management processes. Conventional systems are broken and limited to suit the traditional environments. Employees need precise and prompt inputs to keep doing great work. This demands the drivers of employee engagements to be more frequent and collaborative. People need to be more aware of their performance TODAY than they were ever. Smaller feedback loops helps the team to address the challenges before it go out of control.

How CoFee PM Works?

Higher level of engagement with Employees at goal setting. CoFee is more agile, with regular feedback, coaching, engagement and continuous employee improvement CoFee bring new age easy to use UX (User Experience), mobility, social and analytics.

Key Features

Continuous, development-focused feedback

Enable self awareness and help employees build on their strengths with continuous feedback.

Request Feedback

Anyone can request feedback from anyone in the organization, anytime.

Great Communication

The next set of goals of the organization can be communicated effectively.

Set Feedback Personality type

Everyone is unique when it comes to receiving feedback. Employees can set their feedback Personality type.

Analyze Feedback

Reports allow companies to make sure their people are engaged in what they do best.

Strategize Milestones

Feedback from the peers and managers helps strategize goals to set clear milestones


Choose a pricing plan that suits you best

Enterprise Edition

$5/ per month

  • CoFee PM
  • Humanet Starter Pack
  • (Employee Details, Policies, HR Letter, Seperation, Attendance & Leave, Shift & work, Scheduling, Travel management, Desk, Asset, Book, My Social)
  • CoFee PM & Mobility
  • CoFee PM with Continous Improvement & Mobility (Add $3)