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Employee Performance Management System

Seamless access of yearly performance and visualization of results from the insights on all aspects of the employee in a convenient way and make data driven decisions.

360° Reviews PM

Provides a comprehensive view of employees contribution. In simple words, 360° reviews enable employees to sharpen their interpersonal skills.

Tweak your performance by receiving constructive feedback from everyone around you. Sharpen interpersonal skills with 360° reviews PM

The ability to get feedback and ratings from peers and managers without bias motivates the employee to do better. It also helps align themselves with the next set of organization’s goals

Instant timely feedback motivates employee to strategize their plan effectively in crushing goals. Helps stick with organizational culture which moves the company one step closer to the vision

Reach Full Potential

Achieve maximum potential by getting timely inputs and actionable feedback

Continuous Feedback

Prompt feedback from anywhere and anytime from anybody on a daily or weekly or monthly basis

Better Communication

The performance standards, key responsibilities, and goals can be communicated effectively

Clear Milestones

Lets the team set clear milestones and helps achieve them by being consistent

Custom PM Solutions

Solve your company’s unique problems by choosing custom packages suited according to your exclusive needs.

From our experience, many enterprises need custom PM solutions which solves specific problems in their industries. We help you make wise decisions in building your custom PM Solutions.

Whether you need simple performance management system, or 360° reviews, or continuous feedback system or all of them, we offer it tailored to your own specific needs. Contact us now

Meet HumaNET

The smart Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) which understands all your HR functions and integrates seamlessly with over 20 HR modules. We also make custom modules tailored for your needs.






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Who are Our Customers?

A Mid-sized brewing company

Replaced annual reviews with continuous feedback resulting in high employee engagement

A Large Vehicle Manufacturer

Helped set, track and achieve meaningful objectives.

A Small Auto component company

Achieved short-term goals faster and cleared the path for setting long-term goals.

A mid-sized Electronics manufacturer

Doubled employee productivity by implementing Continuous Feedback(COFEE)

A mid-sized Hospital

Saved a lot of time in grading employees’ annual performance

An FMCG Company

Helped monitor projects in real-time thus increasing productivity

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