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Patient Portal

Ask health related questions from experts all around the world.

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  • Filter doctors by specialization.
  • Read health blog articles written by experts in their field.
  • No need to carry anything during a physical visit. It’s made completely cashless and paperless for maximum convenience
  • Access clinical health summary report anywhere and anytime.
  • Follow-up appointment reminders.
  • Security and privacy are maintained as the medical professionals can only be able to access patients’ health records with their consent.
  • Emergency SOS feature at the touch of a button or via speech to alert nearby medical facility using GPS.

Doctor Portal

  • Able to fetch electronic health records including previous diagnosis, treatments and allergies (if any).
  • Clinical notes including “Medication” can be prescribed and accessed at any point of time depending upon the current diagnosis.
  • Expert guidance on To-Dos and Not-To-Dos along with proactive followups.
  • Ability to make voice / video calls for online consultation.
  • Medical records are kept private and confidential.
  • Enabling sharing of data between labs to medical professionals.
  • Educational content can be created and shared with fellow patients


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Who are Our Customers?

A Mid-sized brewing company

Replaced annual reviews with continuous feedback resulting in high employee engagement

A Large Vehicle Manufacturer

Helped set, track and achieve meaningful objectives.

A Small Auto component company

Achieved short-term goals faster and cleared the path for setting long-term goals.

A mid-sized Electronics manufacturer

Doubled employee productivity by implementing Continuous Feedback(COFEE)

A mid-sized Hospital

Saved a lot of time in grading employees’ annual performance

An FMCG Company

Helped monitor projects in real-time thus increasing productivity