Blue Chip offers various degrees of support to the end-user companies. Organizations generally mature in SAP implementation over a period of time after the actual SAP implementation cycle gets physically completed. The period post the go-live state and the Implementation partners sign-off generally calls in for the super-users and the core-team members to take up the further customizations, system fine-tuning, etc. This poses quiet a challenge for the companies since they see a substantial turn-out in their core team strength.

Blue Chip - a pioneer in this phase of the SAP implementation offers the following services :

Project Management Services

Pre-assessment - Study of the blueprint as delivered by the SAP implementation partner is studied and the actual state-of-affairs is reviewed by an on-site assessment study. This is generally done by a team of Sr. Consultants on-site with a small group of super-users / core team members (nominated by the company).

Proposal - A brief summary of the deliverables during the project management period is presented. This includes

  • Current status of the implementation
  • Scope for improvement based on...
    • Standard SAP
    • Customizations (optional - to be specified by the client at the time of releasing the Confirmed Order to Bluechip)
    • Tickets handling - a system shall be deployed by Bluechip that shall keep track of tickets, the resolution - both the solutions and workarounds.
  • Deliverables and time frames
  • Constraints and assumptions
  • Client side support requirements
  • Client feedback - The client feedback is reviewed and further scheduling of the proposals is done. In the event of the client not opting for some of the deliverables as specified in the scope, the same will be ear-marked and removed from the scope of this project.
  • Project Period

Bluechip shall identify the Consultants - both technical and functional within its pool of resources to handle the various deliverables.

On the client side, as listed in the proposal the Company shall provide dedicated / time-scheduled based resources (Project coordinator, core team members and end-users) to handle the activities.For customizations and developments, Bluechip shall reserve the right to do it on-site or make it as an off-site delivery model.

Project progress review shall be done jointly by Bluechip and client at a frequency as agreed upon. This shall be weekly / biweekly / monthly. The action log of these reviews shall be circulated to all the core team members, the client management and Bluechip Management.

The client shall sign-off each of the deliverables made by Bluechip upon go-live.

In the event of a gap noticed by the client in the delivery, the same shall be notified by mail and reviewed as a key issue in the review meeting that follows.

Timeframe for the deliverables shall be a key area of focus in the project management. In the event of a crisis, the client upon request from Bluechip shall extend the time / number of resources allotted for the super-users & end-users to see that the project is completed as per the schedule.

AMC Services

Annual Maintenance Contract is a 'Help Desk Schema' where in a specific number of days per year are blocked off in terms of :

On call basis, the consultants report at the client side / perform the task off-site. Bluechip has successfully done offshore deliveries to both Indian and Overseas clients and the concept of offshore delivery model is a big success in its deliveries.

For the customizations / developments done by the abap technical consultants, a Functional Specification (FS) with the Input screen fields, Output screen fields, Tables and field names to be used, logic of execution, etc has to be provided by the client.

If in case the requirement is a functional / basis, a brief FS document on this shall be made by the client and the consultant. Possible solutions / workarounds shall be suggested by the consultants and based on the client approval it will be executed.

Tickets handling - a system shall be deployed by Bluechip that shall keep track of tickets, the resolution - both the solutions and workarounds. Based on the Help Desk Agreement with the client, the severity Vs time to first response till resolution shall be managed and complied.

Bluechip shall depute competent consultants to handle the tasks in par with client requirements.

Staffing Services

Considering the SAP experience attained by an end-user company is strong, they shall be self reliant in continuously improving the systems in place. High personnel turnout is an issue faced with most of the enterprises.

Blue Chip offers staffing services for :

The consultants are placed on site and work as required by the client. Bluechip shall depute competent consultants to handle the tasks in par with client requirements.

The Consultants are deputed at client side for a contract period not less than 6 months. At the end of the contract period, the same can be extended for a further period of time as per the requirement of the client.

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