Increase operational efficiency and cut costs through mobile FSM solutions. Keep track of almost every single resource.

Locate vehicles
Manage worker activity
Schedule and dispatch work
Integrate Inventory, Billing & Accounting

Dispatch right resource
at the right time
to the right place


Automate customer service with conversational software to create personalized user experiences

24*7 Availability

Zero waiting time and superfast replies are guaranteed to boost company’s reputation

User Persona

Handles multiple customers efforlessly with varying personas for a variety of users

Human Touch

Forwards customer queries to human support agents in case of complex issues

Customer Satisfaction

Responds to customers queries instantly to maximize customer satisfaction

Single Codebase. Run Everywhere

Save hours and hours of human effort, time and money with a single codebase

Android or Apple,
Mobile or Desktop,

Code once and run it efficiently
everywhere with native
look and feel!

Lets you utilize resources effectively!

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Repeat Business

Who are Our Customers?

A Mid-sized brewing company

Replaced annual reviews with continuous feedback resulting in high employee engagement

A Large Vehicle Manufacturer

Helped set, track and achieve meaningful objectives.

A Small Auto component company

Achieved short-term goals faster and cleared the path for setting long-term goals.

A mid-sized Electronics manufacturer

Doubled employee productivity by implementing Continuous Feedback(COFEE)

A mid-sized Hospital

Saved a lot of time in grading employees’ annual performance

An FMCG Company

Helped monitor projects in real-time thus increasing productivity