"We found Blue Chip to be professional in rendering their services to the customer. The deliverables are also of high standard. "

"We are pleased with Blue Chip team members for delivering the committed system within specification and deadlines "

"The organization has a very good understanding of the business processes, which helps to design the application according to the requirements "

"Thank you to Blue Chip
I hired Blue Chip on a 6 month contract to assist with Microsoft application development based on .NET and SQL server. For the cost of the contract I thought I might get one application finished in that time but to my surprise they completed several applications with virtually no supervision on my part. The applications they delivered were first demoed and adjusted as work progressed and I gave feedback and new requirements. This enabled me to delivered quality products to my clients ahead of schedule and under budget. This was a true Win-Win-Win! Blue Chip gave me a competitive advantage in the marketplace and will always be my preferred vendor! "

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