HumaNet - Web based Human Resource Information System

HumaNet Portal is a product of Blue Chip, interacts with the people of an Organization encapsulating the functional processes of the HR department and automating the same. It captures the HR processes into a workflow technology capturing data from the point of recruitment to retirement of all individuals in the organization. The modules include Employee, Management, Recruitment, Online Test, Attendance, Leave, Payroll, Induction, Appraisals, Training, Organizational movements, Grievances and Expenses, Helpdesk and other utilities. The workflow is built up through approvals, escalations, override and mailing. It also includes basic utilities such as Chat, FAQs, Discussion Forum, Bulletin Board etc.


Cofee PM - Continuous Feedback Performance Management

CoFee PM (Performance Management) provides a solution within the existing cycles of Performance management. CoFee provides a framework for manager and employees to continuously share genuine feedback, while being flexible and tailored to different corporate styles, its a shared accountability model and that is the huge shift forward.



Payroll is web based solution with a fast processing engine. It meets all compliance needs like Online filing eTDS, ESIC and many more. Multiple support options are available to choose from, depending on your need. Also includes total payroll outsourcing, where we run it for you



Not only it prompts the user the daily planned activity, it is having the option to check how many has moved from one cycle to another cycle in a calendar period. This basically helps the manager to analyze how the sales team is working and how many days it takes to complete one particular sale.



The salesapp software specifically designed for tracking the sales activity done by the various marketing person in an organization in the sales cycle process. It also allows the user to plan their activity for each individual sales lead wise in advance and facilitates to generate every days wise activity planned report.


Contract Labour Management

Contract Labour Module is an add on module to the standard HumaNET. This module is built to meet the requirements of contract labour especially for manufacturing industries. It capture and maintain the information about contract agency, supervisors and labourers. It can be integrated with time and attendance system and have option to schedule the shifts. Through a single user interface manage the detail of contract employees, attendance and leave. It also generates muster roll and wage report apart from other productivity reports


DMS (8D)

8D (Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving) is a meticulous process used to solve complex problems. This is a popular method for problem solving because it is reasonably easy to teach and effective. 8D uses composite problem solving methodology, by borrowing tools and techniques from various approaches.The 8D Problem-Solving Process helps you do both of these seemingly-contradictory things, in a professional and controlled way.


AMS (Audit Management System)

Audit Management is an emerging concept of auditing. Management audit is an act of evaluation of all the activities of all the departments with a view to provide appropriate suggestions to the management to help their work. In other words, management auditing is a future oriented task which evaluates timely in all the levels of management like production management, sales management etc


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