Mfg / Pro

We have been consulting on MFG/PRO and Progress since 1989 and since then have enhanced our services offering on Mfg/pro (eB2); following brief highlights on our outsourcing options.

Implementation Services

Customisation Services

Support Services

  • Maintenance of Mfg/Pro:
    A maintenance team would be set aside to undertake up certain changes, which come up in due course of operations. They would act as a support function to our customers existing IT setup.
  • Helpdesk Management:
    TFor Large deployments of Mfg/Pro, we support our customers with 24/7 Helpdesk facilities. This team would take up various issues from Operations to system bugs.
  • Migration Services:
    Migration of Prior version of Mfg/Pro to the latest eB2 version. QAD releases new versions of their Flagship product Mfg/Pro eB2. To take advantage of the new features and functionalities, customers would need to move ahead to the latest offering. Typical migration will require data and custom code to be moved to the new version of Mfg/pro, there could be certain complexities like design change in the base schema, enhanced functionalities, deployment of new technologies etc. Migration projects need to be executed under the guidance of professional.
  • Staff Augmentation Services:
    Professional Services contracting.

Versions Supported

  • version 7.x ChUI
  • Mfg/Pro version 8.x ChUI
  • Mfg/Pro version 8.x GUI
  • Mfg/Pro version 9.x ChUI
  • Mfg/Pro eB version
  • Mfg/Pro eB2 version Desktop2

Technical Support

  • version 7.x
  • Progress version 8.x (GUI)
  • Progress version 9.x
  • WebSpeed version 2.x
  • WebSpeed version 3.x
  • OpenLink ODBC
  • Merant ODBC
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000
  • UNIX

Our Biggest USP is Long Standing Customer support. For many Customers we have been working with them on several projects at a time and in some cases executed over 50+ project assignments. We have executed outsourcing projects on Mfg/Pro in the following countries.

  • US
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • India
  • Bangladesh

Some of our Mfg / Pro customers

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